Imke Salander x Under Armour x Kellersports

teaser of a photo and video shoot I did for under armour and Keller sports.


your daily escape

A motivational Video about going outside every morning for your daily escape from everyday life. the one or two hours in wich you are truly with yourself and experience the feeling of being alive.


lifting is what she does

a strong young women.

fall in creation

the creative process of making music. song: the calm before and the storm itself artist: Verena Lederer


the essence

This film is about running.


find focus

part of the “find focus” campaign from Adidas


marcel nibur for mens health

one of 24 portraits for runners world, mens health and womens health


overcome - documentary

"OVERCOME" is a documentary film by Stephan Wieser about two Willpower Athletes facing the tremendous ups and downs of one of Europes toughest stage races in trailrunning: The Goretex Transalpine-Run.